Convert audio file to video file just in 5 sec

We can't post audio files to Twitter or Facebook. allows you to convert an audio file like mp3 into an audio-only video file just by one-click.
By default, you'll get a black-filled video file but you can set more detailed settings as needed.

Duration time of audio file is allowed up to 140 sec

How to use

Basic usage

Just choose an audio file and click "Convert" button. That's it.

Advanced settings

Clickin "Advanced" button shows you more detailed settings like below.

Setting Description
Output format You can choose file type of output video file.
Frame rate (fps) You can specify frame rate of output video file. But the default value "30" maybe always the best choice.
Use image file / Generate image Output video file will be filled with a still image. You can choose whether to use your own image file or generate an image file on the spot.
Image file You can choose an image file to fill output video file.
Resolution You can choose the resolution of the generatd image file to fill output video file.
Background Color You can specify the color of the generatd image file to fill output video file with RGB style.